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Qaiser Ahmed Shaikh

Chief Executive Officer:

Established joint ventures with multinationals:

a)  Qaiser LG Petrochemicals (Pvt.) Ltd., a chemical manufacturing company, producing Di Octyl Phthalate (D.O.P) and Butyl Acetate in collaboration with LG group, a multinational conglomerates of South Korea

b) Qaiser Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd. with Bernas, a semi government Malaysian company having exclusive right to import rice in Malaysia.

Qaiser Noman Bernas (Pvt.) Ltd., received export trophies awards from president of Pakistan/Prime Minister of Pakistan for Five consecutive years from 2000 to 2004.

LG and Bernas were motivated to bring foreign investments to establish chemicals and rice plants in Pakistan in partnership.

Other Companies:

Qaiser Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd. Established in 1967, is a business firm doing international trade

Gadoon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Is a plastic sheets/bags manufacturing industry.